Wr V Dr400 ?

Anybody done any comparsions on the wR against the Suzuki DR400 (enduro version) ?

Am I comparing 2 completely different beasts ?

Whats going to cost me more to maintain ?

Cheers Shane.

Ride both man.. they are really different animals.

If you buy the DRX and then ride a WR.. you'll be disappointed!! :)



**Ride it like you Stole it!**

Matt Porritt

99 YZ400F

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How is the arm doing?

From the "voice of experience" My buddy and I both bought new '00s, he bought the WR and I bought the DRZ S model . Yes you are compareing two different animals, the WR is for more open terrain and the DRZ is for tighter areas. As for power, I removed all the street stuff of my DRZ,put a Big gun exhaust and re-jetted, then compared it against his WR. Mine had as much if not more low end, but the WR had more on the top.

Remember I have the "S" model not the E which is even faster. Both he and I are in our forties and he hates having to kick the WR, so he's now waiting for the '01 DRZ E's to come in so he can trade in his WR. Bottom line: How old are you ( do you want a little "cush") like E-start, and what kind of riding do you plan to do. Both bike bikes are great at what they're made for. TB

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