Stroker question

Hi !!

Im plaining to drop a Hot rods stroker crank kit in my 2003 "S". Im gonna order the complete kit with the piston (430CC). I simply want to know if its a real BOLT-ON or I need some other parts cause I dont want any bad suprise. Also what adustement im gonna need to do.

I ride a lots of wood and little bit of highway. My mods are full pro circuit t4, hot cams stg 1 int & ext, Fcr 39, JD jet kits, big gun rev box, k n filter and 3x3.



Eddie feels (and I agree with him) the setups that use a shorter piston to deal with the longer stroke are not the best of ideas. It is a cheaper way to go, but you end up with two piston rings instead of the stock three. What he does (and many others) is use a stock or stock style three ring piston and a spacer under the barrel. If you use the spacer, you will also want/have to have your cams degreed (and should anyways unless you already did).

Were can i find one of those spacer ??

PM Eddie, tell him you want a spacer. Also, you will need to 'clearance' your piston. This means put it on the crank, make sure it has a space of at least /030". A drum sander can be used.

Ok. Is the stock cam chain okay cause mine is brand new. Thanks

Yes, the stock chain is fine.

Those spacer are 110$. Why its better to have a spacer than a different piston. Exept for 2 ring istead of 3. thanks

the main reason being you are stuck using the hotrods piston.

with the spacer you can use any drz piston.

the hotrods piston wont be available forever.

ok ok. And the hot rods cranks kit are direct bolt-on. Im not gonna have any bad suprise ?? Thanks

depends on your mechanical ability.

It is possible to modify a stock drz piston to make it fit ? thanks

yes,but you need the spacer.

If i cut 2.5mm in a drz piston I will also need a spacer ??

you cant cut 2mm off the piston.

The issue and reason for the spacer is the relationship between the piston and the head. A 5mm stroke increase moves the piston up 2.5mm more and down 2.5mm more. A stock piston in a stock barrel, the piston would hit the head. A 2.5 mm spacer raises the barrel enough to retain the stock clearance. Becasue the piston is moving down 2.5mm more, you need to ensure the piston skirt clears the crank.

My uncle is a good machinist maybe if i bring im a hot rods piston and a stock piston ?? Why those piston are so different ?? thanks

and on that note i wish you good luck!

Haha thanks you. I know that im not the best mechanic in the world but I was thinking the only difference of those 2 piston was the height cause de bore is still 90 mm. thank

I haven't looked at the pistons but I would think that the pin is closer to the top of the piston on the Hot Rods part. It would also have to have a shorter skirt to clear the crank.

You have two of the most knowledgeable posters on this forum telling you what you need. Why doubt them?

I know those 2 guy are exceptionnal and i dont doubt them. I only want the cheapest way to do thing even if cheaper is not better.

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