squamish singletrack

I'm looking for a good area to ride my bike in squamish.

is there a good singletrack area, or is it all fire roads?

thanks all,


most of the area's that i know is all logging roads and trails:thinking:

theres a good area to ride is called indian arm, theres a parking spot near the 2nd spot where rock climbers park, and on that spot u see a gravel road and takes u to a bridge then theres 2 paths, take the 1 that goes up hill and u'll see a gate that is closed, and ull see a bush that is cutted down a little to make a path to get around the gate< only dirt bikes and atvs can, and go up. At the very end theres a beach and a dock< lots of boats there sometimes, ive went there like 4-5 months ago and it was deactivated because of the rain in 2006, so theres no logger trucks there.

if ure not sure where it is, ask other ppl that knows squamish really well:thumbsup:

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