metal shavings in oil.

So I changed my oil today and found some metal shavings, the oil was over filled so I think that has something to do with it, I was going to ride tomorrow, but now I’m not so sure. What should I do?

Some metal shavings are normal, but not to big though. Exactly how big is this debris and do you know for sure its metallic?

Why do you think that overfilling had anything to do with your metal shavings? Overfilling usually causes splooging out vent lines and blown gaskets and such.

A very small amount of metal after break-in is normal as parts wear. If it's not a major amount of the stuff, I'd ride the bike - another option is to tear it apart and find out what is wearing... not fun.

BTW, how old is the bike? and is the metal aluminum or steel (or both)?

Most of the debris is shiny and some darker like copper. And this was after a hard ride when I missed shifts with out the clutch, so could that be gears grinding? The bike is a 03 4 stroke if that helps. David I heard that over filling can create air bubbles which results in lack of Lubrication .

looks like aluminum and steel.and btw the bike starts 1st or 2ed kick.

Some metal shavings are normal, but not to big though. Exactly how big is this debris and do you know for sure its metallic?

its about 1/3 to 1/2 of this .

!so i found the prob! theres a dent on the oil fillter cover. so i gusse it wont hurt to ride tomorrow? i will replace the cover aftur tomorrow

What kind of bike???

Are the shavings in the crankcase, or caught in the oil filter??? If in the crankcase, they could be from the engine bottom end or the trans. If in the oil filter, probably from the engine top end.

is the bike new? new bikes usually need to break in and metal shavings are normal as long as there not too big

so I changed my oil agene and there’s more of this dark brownish color shavings. Almost all of the shavings are in the oil filter. But what would be causing this?

as in what part would be warn out?

Aluminum is the clutch basket wearing.....normal

steel fines is your gears.....normal

any big steel chips every time I changed the oil...then Id be concerned...

Change your oil every 10 hours, get a magnetic drain plug.

i dont think its steel or aluminum

Bronze or brass looking shavings can be from thrust washers/bearings on the crank.

As already mentioned, some metallic debris is "normal". I cut open by filters and pull them flat for examination on most oil changes and I can usually find some metallic debris. The tricky part (especially through the Internet) is quantifying how much debris is "normal" and how much is a signal that something is giving way.

The metal shavings seem to be getting worse. I’m going to ride tomorrow and after that I will inspected the top end.

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