Carb Kit.. Questions

Will a BBR 26mm Carb Kit really help with my DRZ125's performance? If so how much? Is in an easy install or take it to my local shop? And any other advice on making my DRZ a little more powerful?

do you have a bore kit or cam? if you have modded the engine. like a Big bore then it will give you a lot of benefits. and dont go with the bbr carb. just get the powroll mikuni. its $70 cheaper- and the only thing you get more with the bbr is a throttle cable b/c its a keihn and will not hook up to the stock cable. but the powroll one it a mikuni so it will accept the stock throttle cable.

putting in the carb is easy. its pretty much disconnecting the stock one and puting on the new one. just loosen up the clamps then pull out the stock carb. loosen the carb top and pull off the cap. you will need to disconnect the cable by removing the clip that holds in the needle in and pull out the cable. remove the new carbs cap and remoce the brass clip that holds the cable and spring in place in the slide. insert the end of the cable through the spring and down in the hole through the slide (not the center hole). Place the needle through the center hole in the slide place the brass plate/clip on top of it and slide the spring into place. put the slide back into the carb and screw on the cap. then simply put the carb back into the boots. the intake (airbox side) it hard to put on b/c the carb is bigger and you will have to push it on and stretch the boot out. the engine side is easier. tighten the clamps and you are ready to go.

the list can go on with mods, but a carb,pipe, and big bore kit should be good.

if your going to get a bore kit, you will benefit greatly from a 26mm carb. if you dont get one it would be like adopting a fat kid and never feeding it...

no matter what, a carb kit will always help performance. It is one of the best mods for the price.

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