2003 crf450r kickstart failure

i have never seen that before

There's been a few posts of this happening to the 450X and there's a post in the 250X forum right now.

i dont kick mine hard enough to do that so.........i am going to pretend i did not see that as it makes me cringe


This issue isn't when the bike is being kicked, it occurs when the kick start lever is RETURNING from being kicked. The steel piece (shown in the pic #3 of my other post this morning) has a bend in it which acts as a guide to diss-engage the kickstart pawl. When this 'ramp' is contacted, the bolt and the boss that this steel piece is mounted on has both a side load and a shear load. Obviously, my brother's just sheared off. The chap from England's bike broke the casting out of the case! Again, I haven't heard of this happening much so I'm not to concerned about it as a wide spread problem.

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