WR 250F Electric Start Problems

Hello! (I have searched for this topic but couldn't find anything related to the problems I'm having, but if there is already a topic, please direct me to it.) I have a 2003 WR 250F and the electric start doesn't seem to be working right. After a few minutes of playing with the throttle and trying to start it when the bike is cold, it usually won't even start up, so I end up using the kick start to get the engine going. That's not that much of a problem, because the bike is cold and it has a harder time starting! The thing is though, whenever I cut the bike off to take a break after the engine is good and warm, then try to start the engine by using the electric start, it usually won't start! The only way that it will start is if I play with the throttle for about 10 - 15 seconds and keep pressing the electric start button on and off! Has anyone else had similar problems, or can anyone please help me out by giving me suggestions on what I should do? Thanks for any help!! :thumbsup:

does the starter engage when you push the start button? does the bike try to turn over but just not start?

Yes, it turns over but I have to play with the throttle for about 5 - 10 seconds for it to start (if it even starts, sometimes I have to kick start it). Any suggestions? :thumbsup:

I've had similar problems. It will barely turnover with the e-start. I've just been kicking it to start it. From time to time, when it's warm, it will start with the e-start. Not sure, but it might be the stator.....may need to be rewound? I just haven't messed with it, yet.

Yeah, that's what mine is doing. I hate not being able to use the electric start all the time! PM me know if you figure anything out!!

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