Need a KLX300 front axle

Finally got around to swapping out my stock forks for a set of KX250's. I had trouble removing the front axle and lo and behold....the end lug (right side) is bent to ****. No problem through the hub - wheel is OK but I definitely need a new axle. Anyone have a spare they'd like to sell? Also, does anybody know if there is a common fit axle with another bike, ie KDX or KLX250 to increase my search?



'94-'96 KLX250 will fit. Try looking at P/N's for other bikes on Kaw's web site.

Thanks KLXD. I checked the Kawi price today at a dealership. $70. I have no problem dropping $70 on my KLX...but it's a glorified 1/2" bolt!!!

DONE! A member on planetklx stepped up to the plate and rendered his spare for the effort. Already in the mail and I should be riding inside a week.

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