James/Clark/ whoever...jetting update


Yeah I think your right about the needle setting...I'll go back to the #3 clip position. The reason I went down to the #4 clip, is that I was having a problem when I would blip the throttle to wheelie over something, the engine would die. That seemed to help. I went back to the original settings (mj#165 pj #42 fuel screw out 2 turns) and I am starting over from there. I fouled a plug today so I think my low throttle settings are a little rich...I think cause of the clip position. I'll be moving back to the #3 clip...so what about the quick blip problem? I still think I am a little lean on the top end. It has a shearing noise and cuts out at WOT. after reading everyones input. I understand now, how it all works. I was doing too much at once before. Thanks for the help. :)


For your pilot jet and pilot screw here are some starting points:

#42 at 3 1/4 turns out on pilot screw

#45 at 2 1/4 turns

#48 at 1 1/4 turns

Read back to what Clark had said for your problem. It was all good info. Just need to add the needle clip looked too rich. The needle straight diameter is very lean so it goes from too lean to too rich quickly. At full throttle the main looks lean again.

A general tip: Do your jetting by throttle position. Mark the grip and throttle housing with tape or whiteout to mark the 1/4 - 1/2 - 3/4 positions if it helps.


James & Clark,

I think the top end is a bit lean I am going tomarrow to get a #168 MJ I have a #170 too (as you guys know already)and I think it is a bit rich. I also have a #42 PJ in there now and have a #45 too, I went to get a #48 but the dealer was out of them...waiting for it to come in. So why do you think I am fouling plugs, I assuming that I have the fuel screw setting wrong or the needle setting wrong or both...BUT...from what your input was that I don't have enough turns on it (2 right now on the 42 PJ) by the way EVERYTHING is clean and I am running 92 octane...the highest I can get here...besides race gas. And no I haven't tried it, I read somewhere it is bad for the engine. I am going to take your advice Clark/James and do the fuel screw settings as a starting point. I love this bike, if only I can get it dialed in. Thanks again for the help. OH YEAH one more thing I am using a CR9E NGK plug, should I go down to a CR8E? Do you think that is the problem?

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The stock '00WR OBDRS needle has the taper start higher on the needle than ANY other model. Moving the clip richer invites problems.

There are many other things, Accel pump too early, Float level high,... but the clip is first on the list if you are rich at 1/4 throttle.

The plug is a step colder which doesn't help. The #45 pilot is a good enough middle choice. Move the DRS needle clip to the stock #3 setting and give it a run. Try 2 turns on the pilot screw at first and see how it responds.


James, I just went and bought some CR8Es. When I went in before she gave me some of the CR9Es I thought something was weird. I'm going to work on it tomarrow. I'll let you know how it all works out.

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