over heated

I just got a 07 wr450. went riding with my kids. my boy crashed when I was helping him,I left my bike idleing and it over heated.:thumbsup: is it bad to keep it idling for a period of time:confused: or is something wrong?

It needs air flow to cool it. It was probably close to overheating if you have been following a small slower bike around for any time. Try one of the coolant enhancers like Water Wetter or Engine Ice , etc. It's got E-start so I suppose the rest is up to you. WR Dave

yes we were going alittle slow for awhile. thanks for the reply

WR's don't like to stand still

I let mine idle no more than 2 minutes. If I'm stopped waiting for people I'll shut it down.

Yep, they need to move, to keep cool, and always shut it off if you will stop for more than a minute.


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