stock or recalled cam?

Does the stock cam or the recall replacement cam have more low end?

They have the same specs the difference is in the material its made from. Do the update if you leave the original in there and it breaks (the reason for the update) you will more than likely have to replace the whole head and cam, timing chain, adjusters etc. And hopefully you did not get hurt as a result of the bike breaking!

We found a bit more grunt off the bottom end with the new cam. They change the valve springs as well.

Get er done!:thumbsup:

I didn't notice any difference after recall. The bike runs great and is very strong, before and after cam recall.

old and recalled cam has the same specs but heavier rate intake springs.if it feels faster it might be your imagination.but then again maybe the intake springs give that extra kick..i didnt notice any difference when my original cam was changed to the recalled one.then i went to hotcam 1 then to hotcam its good.

What did the hotcam stage 2 give you? Any other mods with it?


i installed the hotcam 2 with a JE hicomp piston and mrd header. i had a hotcam stage 1 in it and after changing to the stage 2 i noticed a little loss at the bottom and a little gain on the me it was a very small difference between both i got a stage 1 sitting in my garage doing nothing(btw im trying to sell it for 100 shipped in the for sale section).maybe ill try the pro circuit in the future.

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