XR 600 valve spring height

I have a smoking XR 600. I took the motor apart to find the problem.

One of the parts that I found out of spec is the inner valve spring.

The manual has the limit dimension as 34mm or 1.34". The springs measure

1.29" on average.

The outer springs are fine. Is my manual incorrect or do I have bad valve springs?

Thanks for any information.

As you say, the manual says 1.34" for the inners. If the engine has quite a bit of time on it, the springs are most likely getting weak and it is probably a good idea to replace with Kibblewhite or R&D. If the engine smokes on startup and quits when it is warmed up, the valve stem seals are leaking. If there is a little smoke on startup and gets worse as the engine warms up, the rings are at fault. You might have a combination of the two.

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