not idling

I have a cr250r and I was riding at the local track when my bike stopped the strange thing is that it will no longer run at anything under 1\4 throttle and it actually bogs out and dies comletly and then is hard to start back up..when I do get it running it will only idle with the choke on...any suggestions?

Maybe reed valve or carb boot. Sometimes if you land a jump hard, the carb will come out of the boot. Look real close because it's not always completely out, it may be just pulled back enough to cause an intake leak.

Sounds like the pilot jet picked up some debris and clogged.

Not to add to your woes, but I just noticed you had a previous post about your bike making a rattle noise. If it was detonation, it may be related to the no idle problem--e.g. piston damage or reed damage from metal. Hopefully not, good luck and keep us posted.

Check compression, the symptons indicate worn out rings to me. Had something very similar happen to me a while back.

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