When I changed my needle to a dvp I over tightened the two screws on the carb top plate when it wasn't seated properly and cracked the plate (my stupid fault).I tried getting it welded but because it is cast alloy and dosn't have a high alloy content it is hard to weld.Yamaha don't sell just the plate and said I had to buy the whole carb body for $600 Australian dollars. So after looking around I found the Suzuki DRZ400 have the same top plate for $40 Australian and the same top plate gasket which is half the price .

Just letting you know so if anyone has the same problem but I am positive I am the only one in the world capable of doing something this stupid.


Thanks for the tip on getting individual carb parts from Suzuki where the application fits. I think you can also get individual parts from Carb Parts Warehouse.


Originally posted by JAMIE WILLIAMS:

…I am positive I am the only one in the world capable of doing something this stupid.


I take umbrage with that statement.

At least you’re man enough to admit your blunder. I think that’s pretty cool. I tried to think of some things I’ve done that top that:

Let the slack in a tie down flail, it got caught in my driveshaft and bent my buddy’s handlebars. And scared the hell out of both of us.

Snapped main jet off inside carb on KX ‘cause I overtightened it.

Drove out from under unhitched gooseneck trailer with tailgate shut.

Let my (ex)girlfriend ride off (horseback) with a loose cinch. But the stupid part was when I laughed after she fell off…

Routed throttle cable wrong on KX and almost rode an open class MXer, WOT, into my roomate’s bedroom (via the garage). It’s strange how a kill button barely works at 10,000 rpm.

Started a race with petcock off.

Started practice loop and accidentally ended up on mini course (I’m thinking “Jeez, this is a TIGHT course!”).

Feel better now? :)


Thanks for your reply it definately made me feel a lot better and it just goes to show that we are all human and we all make mistakes and as long as no-body is injured or there is no major costing involved I guess we can put these misfortunes down as learning experiences and even sometimes look back at the funny events and have a laugh while having a few beers with our mates.

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