Rear Shock for 1984 RM250

Hi everyone

I'm new to this forum so a big hows it going to everybody.

K heres my dilema. I'm looking for a rear shock for a 1984 RM250..NEW OR USED in good shape. Anyone know where I can get one or someone have one laying around. Your help would be appreciated.

Thank you again


lots of views no replies at all? :thumbsup: anyone

hey buddy, check ebay. someone probally has a shock for u. good luck.:thumbsup:

Ty for the idea already tried that though and didnt come up with anything :thumbsup:

ive been looking for the same shock for a while, theyre pretty hard to come by. You'd be better off getting yours rebuilt. Keep in mind when buying used, its just as old as the 1 you are looking to replace. these bikes really bounce when the shocks go.

I actually had an '84 RM250 last year. And the shock was so bad that I ended up selling the bike. Tried having it rebuilt, but it was too far gone according to the shop that I brought it to. Spent a few months looking for another, but I never did find one.

If yours can't be rebuilt then I'm sure that Works Performance can sell you a new one.

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