Any major differences for a 210 lb.guy riding tight,steep trails slow to moderate speeds (gettin old) thanx

Ummmmmmmmm... you dont really have a comparison there... the DRZ has more pep, a better frame, better suspension... Its almost like comparing a DRZ250 to an RMZ250, there really isnt a comparison...:thumbsup:

The seat hight is higher,and the bike is heavier, so when you need to get the feet to the ground on an uneven surface in a hurry,the bike is damn hard to hold up. Other wise the bike is the Bee's Knee's.

Back up kick start was also a help when i broke the clutch Lever switch out on the trail.

the drz-250 is a much better ride for somebody your size. Its a "fullsize" bike while the tt and crf are smaller.

The DR-Z250 is more aptly compared to the TT-R250 and XR250R. The TT-R230 and CRF230F have less capable suspension and brakes, are both single cammed, but do have a slight weight advantage. The Honda has a big advantage in the amount of aftermarket parts available for upgrading the bike.

If you are riding tight trails only, the weight advantage of the 230's might overweight the higher power and better frame that the DRZ250 has. If you are riding even in semi open areas or you start doing jumps, you are going to want the more capable suspension of the DRZ.:thumbsup:

In order for it to be a fair comparison you would have to bore both the TTR and CRF's motors out to a 250 with the XRsonly kit, then i think it would be close with the CRF and TTR being lighter but the DRZ beating it slightly in breaking and suspension, but because the DRZ weighs about 20lbs more they would come out to almost even. But the CRF would have the best aftermarket support and would be my first choice.

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