need major help fast

I have a cr250r 2002 and it won't idle and bogs and stalls at anything under half throttle if I run the chole it idles high but will run..I removed the plug and hit it with a wire wheel but it had no effect, when I do let it die it is hard to restart...any ideas. I think it might be to lean at the air screw but when it comes to two stroke carbs I am a bit lost, any help would be great

sounds like a pilot circuit problem. If turning the air screw "richer" doesn't fix the problem, I'd clean the carb and pay attention to the pilot jet, pilot circuit passages, air jets, main jet, and emulsion tube. If the needle is gunked, clean that too. Don't use brakleen or a wire (forgive me if you already know this).

Good luck! :thumbsup:

thanx alot man for the help, could my spark plug be the problem as well

Possibly. A bad spark plug might not be able to ignite a "marginal" mixture. Put a new one in if you have one and see if that improves things.

yeah after much testing I finally found the problem and then felt like and just goes to show you that a car mechanic has no place working on bikes. It turns out the thing was out of f@#king gas...can you believe that, it is what happens when you get worried and over think things, moral of the story, keep it simple stupid

thanx for all the help

LOL - I hear ya. I don't know how many time's I've taken off, had the bike stall out, and I'm thinking: now, ????

Then I check the petcock and it's off :thumbsup:

I had assumed it was running for more than a few seconds. My bad. Good catch! :thumbsup:

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