Pre-purchase checklist question for a YZ250

Going to possibly purchase a low time, like new '02 YZ250 this weekend

and would like suggestions about what to examine on the bike from the YZ250 experts....thanks

Firts of all look under the bike. Its easy to shine up any part of a bike. Few bother to detail the underside. I have seen sharp bikes with crushed frame tubes underneath.

The other areas are important as well. Chain, sprockets, tires, straight rims. Butchered fasteners...all the good stuff.

Take a 10 or 12mm t-handle with you and pull the seat off to have a look at the air filter. Pretty good indication on how somebody treats their bike.

Yup, thanks.

I'll also check the play in the front rear wheel and suspension bearings, brakes

and maint. things like the air cleaner/box condition and chain tension.

Imho, when people let that stuff go, it reflects on how they treated the bike overall.

He's claiming ~ 20hrs total on the bike since new and it looks it, I'd like to see the cylinder/piston to confirm it,

although that might be a little much to put the poor guy

Thanks RC

Ha, thanks KAS, we were thinking the same thing at the same time :thumbsup:

Hi, If you do a search for posts by me, you should find a nice detailed list I put down for someone else. Give it a try.

Hi again, Do a search for "Tips for purchasing a two-stroke" That should help.

Thanks bro :thumbsup:

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