Anyone interested in minty fresh WR360?

A good buddy of mine has just spent a goodly amount of cash rebuilding his 360 (2000 I think?) full bottom and top end , decomp head, gold valve forks all the usual fruit a Husky fan will like...

If you're interested just post a reply and I'll let him know - will try to get pix too.


looking for decompresind head for husky 360

Kiwi John - if you are still trying to sell your friends bike - which you probably are not considering your post was on July 3rd - please put it in the classifieds.

looking for decompresind head for husky 360

Please put what you want in the classifieds in the "wanted" section. Those are not only the site rules but more importantly people can search "Husqvarna" & "Husky" and all the Wanted posts will be neatly organized for people to browse.

Please don't wake up anymore older threads.


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