DRZ400SM died at 65 mph-suggestions?

Sorry for the long message below, but the dealership I believe is playing dumb with me and I want to get this fixed properly, when this bike is running right it is great, I have all ready bought a pipe and I am looking for a carburetor, but I do not want to install them until after I get this resolved.

So here are the details.

My bike is a 2007 DRZ400SM, I bought in December, it currently has about 600 miles.

My bike stalled out on me while doing a steady 65 mph on a busy freeway, I was neither accelerating nor de-accelerating.

This happened with in a few hours of picking it up from the dealership where they did the 600 mile (first) maintenance.

I was having problems with the bike stalling even before I took the bike in and asked the dealer to fix the problem.


I had test rode a DRZ400SM and decided I wanted one, I went to a different dealership that would sell me the bike for hundreds less then others. The one I picked had only a few miles on it, I did not fire it up since I had all ready ridden one.

I bought it and went to start it and the battery was dead, they replaced the battery.

We fired it up and I let it warm up with the choke on.


I turned the choke off and I heard like a pop and the motor died. The sound actually sounded more like a small book being dropped on a table, like a light single knock, about as loud as if you tap your finger nail (once) on a desk.

I fired it up again and put it in gear, it died again.

I put it in neutral, started it, put it in gear and it died again.

Started it again and I gave it gas as I put it in gear, while giving it gas. I pulled to the edge of the parking lot and waited for traffic to clear. Started letting out the clutch and it did it again.

It stalled at almost every single red light and stop light on the way home until I started leaving the bike in gear and keeping the RPM’s up until after I was rolling.

This problem has happened when:

1. The motor is hot or cold.

2. Turning off the choke.

3. Putting it in gear.

4. Rolling on the gas in neutral and in gear.

5. Letting out the clutch from a dead stop or a slow roll.

I dropped off my bike at a dealership for the first tune up. I told them of the problem.

When I picked up the bike the dealership said they could not find anything wrong and it did not stall on them.

I got home, fired it up and it kept stalling just as noted above.


I picked up my bike from the dealership at 3:30pm and by 6:00pm it was dead on the freeway.

I went for a road ride, I filled the gas tank and hit the hills, I would be coming out of a corner at full throttle and it would lose all of it’s power for a couple of seconds then the power would come back on. This happened a few times during the ride.

Then it stalled out on me while doing 70 mph on a busy freeway, I was neither accelerating nor de-accelerating. The motor felt hotter then I believe it should have been.

I turned on the reserved tank and I could not start the bike. I rocked the bike around and could hear gas splashing around in the tank. I pushed it off the freeway and to a side road, called a friend to come and get me, I tried to start it one more time and it finally started, I rode on a side street for a few minutes and it stalled again, I called my friend to come and get me. When they got there I tried to start it one more time and it started, I rode for a few minutes and it stalled again for a couple of seconds, started running for a few seconds, this continued this pattern for several seconds then it completely died again.

It had now been close to an hour since I first pulled off the freeway and the motor still felt really hot.

The next day I started the bike and it seems perfectly fine, but I am afraid that once the motor gets warm it will die on me.

When I went back to the dealership and I convinced a couple of mechanics to go outside and start it in front of me. I had them turn off the choke and it died. Fired it up had them give it a little gas, it died. It died about 5 times with in a couple of minutes.

One mechanic turned to me and told me I was rolling on the throttle to fast. They said my other problem was that I was probably running out of gas.

Which I find pretty lame, I have owned numerous bikes, I have never had these problems and I have ran out of gas on other bikes, I know what it feels like when you are running on fumes.

I am not an expert rider, but I know how to let out a clutch and give it gas. When I told him I had owned street legal enduros in the past he suddenly said it may be the jetting.

I did ask them to look at the kickstand safety switch, but they believe that is not the problem.

Anybody else had similar problems?

Any advice on how to get this bike running at its peak and still be reliable will be greatly appreciated.


Sounds like maybe your jetting is bad. Have you looked at the filter? Pull off the spark plug and tell us what you see on it.

Make sure the vacuum line the the gas tank petcock is not pinched, or worse, not connected. On the S and SM, that vacuum line opens the fuel valve on the petcock to let the gas into the engine.

If it's on, then Clean your jets.

These bikes really aren't that complicated once you mess with them a little. You'll find it and learn about your bike as well.

I forgot to put that vacuum line on one day after rejetting and got part way to work and had to head home because I thought I had messed up the bike. It wouldn't keep running without the choke (I thought it just wasn't warmed up at first) and would die at every stop sign and light and wouldn't run right. Later that night I found I forgot to put that little vacuum line back on. :thumbsup: The dealer may have just forgotten to connect yours or there is the chance it fell over because it was hardly connected.

pull the carb and clean it.by the sounds of it the bike was most likley sitting for a bit and when this happens varnish deposits start to form.check the vacume line as well.have you tried to run the bike on PRI

sounds to me like you have some sort of venting problem and your tank is getting air locked , does the california model have an emissions canister attached to the tank ? i would start there and work your way down to the carb , could also be some debris plugging one of the jets .

My vote is the vacuum line on the petcock. The symptoms you describe are the exact replication of this issue. I've forgotten to put mine on a couple times after wrenching, and it does just what you describe.

charcoal cannister.

Bike also sounds like it had been prep'ed and may of sat on the floor for some time too.

Damn I had the exact same symptoms on my bike, the battery was dead at the dealership, it had only been sitting since 5/1 and I just got it on 7/30. I was on the freeway in the fast lane with someone riding my ass while i was going 95 and it died and I pulled over and I got the bike started and would shift into first and it would die. I would start in neutral again and shift to second and it died. I checked the gas tank, then switched to reserve. I started in neutral, shift to first gear and it dies again. A few more minutes go buy and I get it shifts into gear without dying, and I rode another 25-30 miles with no problems. If I take the charcoal canister off does this make it illegal to ride on the streets because of emissions requirements?

I had the exact same problem w/ my new 07 CA bike: popping idle, ran fine for a few hundred yards then kept dying on the freeway.

It IS the evil charcoal canister. I made the mistake of overfilling w/ gas. If you top-off the tank or drop your bike, it clogs the canister and kills the engine.

As soon as I removed the evil device my problem was solved. Don't bother w/ jetting or anything else before removing the canister first.

yup for mine it didn't even have to clog the canister, the hose ran down then back up to the canister this U shape acted like a trap, fuel gets caught in the bottom of the loop and there goes your tank ventilation. take the canister and hurl it into the dealerships window...or recycling bin, whatever.

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