Quietest Exhaust for 03 WR450

Presently using stock exhaust with GYTR insert. Want to find after market exhaust that would be as quiet or quieter, but get back some of the lost low-mid range punch. Anyone pleased with thier purchase and recomend a system?

The quiter I run, the more places I can ride!

FMF Q series. Not sure if it's as quiet as a stock pipe, but they're pretty quiet.

It is hard to get low-mid range punch with a clogged up exhaust.

My guess is you will loose even more power going to another quieter exhaust.

Those new FMF Q4 ones are supposed to be alright, but don't know if they make them for '03 - '05.

The GYT-R insert is just about the best compromise between power and noise. I speak from experience; I do all the sound testing for the Dixie Dual Sport club. The FMF Q series mufflers are no quieter and make no more power than the stock exhaust with the insert. Also, the stock muffler is much more durable and doesn't need repacking like some exhausts do. If you really want a quiet pipe, put the stock pea-shooter exhaust insert back in. They're really quiet.

I have an 06, but I put a stock 05 YZ450F exhaust on mine. It's pretty quiet, and definitely gains a mountain of low end power. I go into California often, and have never had a noise issue with rangers. (An 05 exhaust would fit yours, too.)

Here's a pic of what the pipe looks like-


Thanks for response and pics!

Thanks for input- I seems that a quiet system could be engineered that would have minimum impact on power(for a price). If it turns out what I have is close to best performance/noise ratio, that suits me fine- I can think of lots of other things to throw my money at! I ordered one of the last inserts from QuietProducts (they are going out of business- lack of interest?). I will give feed back on how that unit works.

I bought an insert for my stock pipe that is very similar to the ones that Quiet Products offered. It may even be the same thing. It's not as quiet as the factory baffle, but it's a LOT quieter than uncorked all together. Power loss is noticeable, but better than the factory one for sure.

No way would the YZ exhaust pass a sound check. It may sound quiet to you but put a meter on it and it would fail.

I can think of lots of other things to throw my money at!...

Exactly. If you are looking for better performance, spend the money on getting your suspension tuned by a pro. Much more bang for the buck.

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