tt to xt problem

ok. i went and did it.

i bought a set of 87 tt350 forks and tripple-tree to put on my 2000 xt350. should i just get some tabs welded on the upper tree of the tt set up for my gauges or should i try and get fancy with putting them in my xt ones?

wish i hadn't missed the rear swing arm but the bike i picked up that day was worth it.

I'd suggest using the TT fork setup and tree, then invent another mounting sytem for the gauges and lights (better yet throw away the heavy ugly stuff and put UFo or acerbis lights and a digital speedo on)

i'm looking into doing the same swap..(tt forks on a xt350) do i had a hard time finding out weather its worth the money to put on TT forks...are they any good to begin with??..i know the stock xt forks kinda sucks (i have a 87 xt350 maybe they got better) but what was involved with the swap?? there certain years to look for when buying tt forks?

have not done it yet. finally got all the parts together for when i do it this spring when i tear motor down.

you need the tripple tree, the forks, rotor, axle and caliper. the tire and rim are the same. i got everything but the axle and pads off of ebay as a guy was scrapping one in cali. pissed that i missed the swingarm but oh well.

als long as the front end quits bucking as much in the moguls on me it will be worth it.

the tt350 was only avilible in noth america from 1985-89. austraila had it for another 5-6 years i think. they are getting hard to find nowadays.

btw my forks are the same as yours so they where unchanged the entire run of the bike.

I agree with mini s man. Why not put your gauges on eBay and buy a Vapor or Service Honda digital dash that mounts to the handlebar clamps? I got over $100 for my XT350 gauges on eBay.

Maybe I just got lucky, but that is enough money to cover a Vapor. Then buy an aftermarket headlight as suggested and lose a couple of pounds of useless bracketry.

If the TT forks still don't cut it you will at least have some other option with the TT clamps I think the 87-88 RM250 forks are the same dia as the TT.

If I remember correctly, the TT350 had 41mm fork tubes and the RMs had 43s. My friend had one back in 86 and I remember his forks were a some what odd size. I may be wrong though.

Just checked and they are 41mm on the TT. RMs were 43mm.

i was riding my xt350 yesterday and on the trails i was looking at my triple tree while riding and it looks like they are made outta steel. and the tt ones look like steel too...i wonder if we can just weld on the right dia. clamps on the stock xt?..i weld often and if i come across parts for almost free i would do it. just a thought


I stand corrected(that was my mind wishing the RM fork would fit). It was the '87 YZ250. I think the 88 YZ was a 41mm USD fork, but I figure the last gen standard fork was better than the first gen USD so I never looked any deeper into it.


They are AL. I'm sure of it. The XTs are painted. Like mini_S_man said, get rid of the stock stuff. You'll save a few lbs and it will look better.

the more and more i look into it i should just sell this bike and get a drz400s or a xr650 that already has good suspension

That would be best. The XT350 is a good starter bike, but once you start talking suspension upgrades, it's time for something new.

I get a kick out of trying to make mine into something different, but I don't expect it to perform like a modern bike either. Mine has now been retired in favor of a new bike in the spring. I'll likely pull it out for dirt road rides and for old times sake, but that's about it.

its funny...its my first dual sport i've had all mx bikes before but i really enjoy riding the xt350 it feels like its close to being a great bike so u think its worth the time and money to make it good but then u realise that it would be cheaper to just buy what u want but then u feel bad for the ol' xt so u are kinda in the middle of what to do....i ride two up on the xt350 even in the trails...i'm 190lbs and my gf is 115lbs so its kinda hard on the suspension!...i'll probably keep the xt350 this winter and put it forsale this spring with the intentions of buying a drz

Two things I found helped the suspension on my XT350. One was to accept the limitation of the rear shock and run it with a lot of sag for any serious offroad. Firming up the preload a bunch is fine on the highway or two up. But it just overwhelms the rebound offroad. Run it soft and it bottoms a lot but doesn't cause as much terror in whoops and chop.

As for the forks drain the Yamaha fish oil and refill it with something that more closely resembles oil. Going up to 12 or 15 weight will slow down the compression and rebound a bit. I also ran preload spacers on top of the fork springs. I am about your weight and that combination at least prevented the forks from bottoming on EVERY bump.

that is the sum of my suspension wisdom from 17 years in the saddle of a much abused XT350.

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