im 10 yrz old n im upgradin. ive had mi xr-50 4 about 5 yrz n im more than ready 2 change. im lookn at the ttr-125 or the crf100f. which iz bettr?? can any of u gimme the pros n cons for them??? thnx

Well if you go with the crf i would think the crf 150 would be a better choice then the 100...if you have an 80 your only upgrading 50cc's and i think you would grow outa a 100 fast.

I like my ttr as a play bike, its a soild bike with not nearly as much matinece as a mx bike. :thumbsup:

I would go with the TTR without a doubt

The TTR has

> more power (and it's easy to ride)

> better suspension

> good ergonomics

> is reliable

I have ridden both (and raced a XR100 for fun) and a stock TTR is alot better bike than a modded out 100..

Hope this helps

okay age ten and a xr 50? in big need of an upgrade.. id say the crf 150. idk what to say cuz if u fit on a 50.. :thumbsup:

WOWWWWWWWW PAUSE! arent u coming off an xr 80?!?!

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