My Arm!

My arm is doing great after the last operation (4 weeks ago)

2 days out of hospital and it flet better than it had since January!!

They did this time what they said they were going to do orginally and its fixed quick as.. not 8 months later.

Bad news is MNZ won't give me a race licence until the next licence period (May-Janish 2001) and work has hinted that next time I'm off work due to a dirtbike related incident I'm shouldn't come back.

Looks like the boots will be hung up for a while and I'll be buying that Series 6, Twin Turbo RX7 (Batmobile) or a WRX :D:)



**Ride it like you Stole it!**

Matt Porritt

99 YZ400F

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Matt I smashed my leg about 41/2 years since and it took a long time heal. You've just got to grin and bear it. If you get back on too soon you'll be having another long wait (doh!).I know what its like you just want to get back on and go for it. Do lots of physio and you'll be ok.

By the way I have a batmo rx7, they are lots of fun but I hope petrol is a bit cheaper where you come from. If I get a bit carried away I get about 140-150 miles out of a tank of juice, which costs about £57.00!!!!


Matt- good luck with the arm and the job.


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