'98 MXC 250 rear spring.

My buddy just bought a nice '98 250 MXC. He weighs about 180 or 185 and the bike with him or me (at 165#) on it wallows a lot in the sand and the back end likes to swap on rough downhills. My question is about the rear shock spring, it is a black Eibach spring. Is this the stock spring? I was wondering if maybe the guy he bought it from had the suspension setup for him, and maybe he was a bit heavier. My buddy bought the bike off of Ebay and got it at the owners buddys house and never actually met the owner.

its not stock. the stock one is for the average 170lb person. You must have the right spring for your weight or it wont work right.

I also have a new (to me) 98 MXC, and I couldn't believe how bad the rear suspension seemed at first. I set the sag to where it should be (it was WAY WAY off), and I can now tolorate it on anything but a hillclimb in the loose stuff. Sweet bikes though expecially the WP forks! :thumbsup:

From what I have gathered a revalve and correct spring are mandatory. Good luck,


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