Has anyone every ridden at HardRock and/or left there bikes there overnight in their garage? I am spending the weekend in Ocala and they said it would be OK to leave them because I dont want to keep them on my truck all weekend. I cant stay at HardRock because of family obligations.

Any advice????


Its an okay track, but very hard and will wear out your tires quickly...and if you go down, expect a trip to the ER. :thumbsup: The trails are cool and the sand track is fun...Personally, I wouldnt leave my bike at the track, but its better than leaving it in your truck I guess. I live 30mins north of the track and you can leave it in my garage if all else fails.



Had my son's 65 along with an 85 and 450 stolen there while camping. There have been many occurences of theft there, I'd be very careful especially around a full moon. They steal them and ride them on hwy 25A up to Reddick.

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