my power valve cover is leaking:excuseme:

i replaced the gasket but it still leaks.

any ideas?


when you replaced the gasket did you clean off all the old gasket material? also when you take the cover off inspect it to be sure its not cracked anywhere. clean both surfaces very well with a solvent and apply a thin coat of copper spray (gasket adhesive) to both surfaces. reinstall the cover and torque the bolts to spec.


Which cover on the front or the side? If the side is leaking then change the power valve rod seal in the cylinder! Check the hose coming from the top cover see if it's clogged!

i looked today at it, and now i'm thinking that is leaking from that "hole thing"(sorry for the lack of a better word) right above the power valve cover.

What hole thing? Where the hose goes? Does it look like a hose can go on it?


ill try taking a pic

sorry been a way for a while..

thanks for the help.

i'm going to try and fix it tomorrow.

the "hole thing" i was refering to is above the side power valve cover.

ill make sure its tourqe to specs and will see.

ther is so much spooge coming from there the pipe, and where the pipe meets the engine

have to get this fix.

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