WR 400 for sale Northern California

98 WR 400 for sale. IMS tank/seat, Pro tapers, White Bros E series exhaust, Works connection Frame guards, Radiator guards, YZ fender. Also have stock tank/seat, fender, handlebars. Good to excellent condition, never a problem with the bike, no fouling of plugs etc. Runs excellent.

$4400 or best offer. Looking to move it quickly.

New bike is on order.



98 WR, IMS tank, seat combo, white bros E series, FMF power bomb head pipe, Pro Tapers, stock timing. other minor stuff.

anyone Anyone??????

What's the bike you ordered ? wr 426 ?

Secret until this one is sold. Don't want to let the cat out of the bag.

More later.


Bet its a Cannondale :)

Howard HUGE.

No not Cannondale. Actually KTM 400 EXC 2001. Hate to be a deserter from the Yamaha gang but e start is calling my name. My kness are so shot that every time I start the WR my right knee swells up. Had to make a change. First ride tomarrow at Mammoth or Forest Hill. It is beautiful bike and ready to ride. The added features on this bike are unbelievable. I will be riding both bikes tomorrow to compare and I will post the results of the Average Rider tomorrow night. By the way, sold my WR today to my next door neighbor. Another one to add to the gang. So the bike did not go far. I hope you guys can allow a little orange into the group. If a DRZ and some Huskies and Husies can be added why not Orange. Howard, we need Mike, Monty, John, Brian etc, to get a ride in soon. Elkins, Forest Hill, SToneyford. Any Sunday is good for me and I have the entire Turkey day week off. Lets hook up.

By the way Howard, my buddy Robert who rode the 2 smoke Suzuki at Stoneyford has a 2001 426 on order,. Should be here next month. He enjoyed mixing it up with you. :)


I like to ride Sundays too maybe we can hook up and do Mammoth soon I raced a Hare Scramble last year there maybe it was the year before... anyway I seem to remember a sand motocross track along the river is it still open to the public? Tell Robert the feelings are mutual and that I'm envious about his 01 but momma said I can get a new 2002 hope ol' blue holds together for another year :) huge


HAY a kartoom ? ok lets ride thanksgiving [3] days stonyford. just got back from vegas and the indoor supercross at the MGM good racing.Lets put a ride together next weekend or week after? and then the camp out weekend at stonyford.



Mammoth is still pretty cool. Decent track and decent trails. Good for a good half day run. Greenies have gotten to the park however. It is now only open a few days a week. Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday I believe. No Saturdays. Major enviro study going on at the park but some riding still going on. Good news is the ama, mammoth bar riders assoc. and blue ribbon got envolved with the greenie lawsuit and countered back that if the enviro study was on the riding area, it must also be for the whole canyon, which was great because the 'friends of the river" who do all the rafting down there were caught up at that point. They are the major ones behind the suit and didn't think we would fight back. Caught them off guard, pissed them off but now they are stuck as well. Win some lose some.


I can definately do a day trip or so Turkey week, but camping may be a little tough. Family of 5 you know. But we will hook up. Next Sunday sounds good if we can all make it happen. See what can be put together. Love to try Elkins, but Stoney would be great as well. Keep me posted.


Hey Mike! Congrats on the KTM. I have had mine for a couple of months now and I love it! Sorry guys, no comparison to the WR400. That button is awesome! Good luck!

Flying W sounds great I"ll talk to Bill I assume your talking about riding the weekend of the 28/29th. Monty lets get a poll started about who is going to attend Thanksgiving weekend. If there is going to be a good turnout we can ask Ranger Rick if we can use the reservation campsite so we can all camp and eat turkey together, just a thought. I will have five there the whole weekend 4 days.And I will have the rolling Hilton in tow :)


let me know Sunday sounds great. My new KTM ran fantastic. See my other post. My next door neighbor Dan who just bought my WR wants to go as well.

Keep us updated with a new post regarding the ride.


Howard that sounds good i will have,bob bicthen,big dan,steve and robe. Mike from roseville will come up one day with poss.[2] others.I will check on the camp ground and cost,the drit diggers out of napa my have it already,if so i''ll go up and get the camp ground were i was when you came up for the one day ride back in augest.


I'll call big dan and see if he wants to do elkins flats,he knows the area very good,also if howard is going we can mybe stage at [flying W ranch]i'll post when i talk to big dan monday.


Mike&Howard and gang i can't make this weekend oct 29th i got grandson things.Next weekend is good nov.5th.I also talked to big dan and he said elkins was a dust bowl 3inch of fofo dust.lets do stonyford nov.5th?

p.s.Mike your KTM sound geart i'll go ride or talk to you any time and if you want to talk about it on this forum thats ok by me.

your friend Monty

Mike in Roseville, ever ride Praire City D/36 is having a Hare Scrambles there Nov. 5th I was thinkin in might be good to get out there the week before and get a little practice in if this works for You let me Know...Howard

Howard i called the stonyford ranger station today the gray pine croup camp ground is already taking,so i'll go up on the tuesday before and save that other camp spot arcoss from the group camp ground.


p.s it's a rough job[camping,riding in the middle of the week but someone has to do it (:]

Hey guys, how's the Thanksgiving ride shaping up? I'm getting anxious!


So Cal Erik

Visit my club's site at <A HREF="http://www.ruts.org

" TARGET=_blank>www.ruts.org


Hey Howard,

Prairie City is average. good track of course. Hangtown national held there, however I don't really ride there much. Eats tires pretty good. fairly rocky. At any rate, if you do up there for practice let me know, Maybe I can meet up with you. Check out the new Stoney post for Sunday. Hope you and Mike can make it.


So Cal, thanksgiving ride/camp out looking good i will be going up the tuesday before thanksgiving and hold the camp site,i will post diction and times later in nov. glade you can make it,you will love the ridding.


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