(Little) Pine Mt in SB closed to OHV vehicles presently?

I guess they had a fire back there recently and I've heard rumors that the area is temporarily closed to dirt bikes - any confimation of this? I just bought a DR350 and have been itching badly to go shred around there since I got it, so any details would be appreciated.

That said, if anyone wants to hook up to ride Divide/Broadcast peak next week sometime I'm down to pay for gas. Even better if someone could meet at the dirt and I could pay for a gas fill at that point. PM or call (708) 309-3566. I'm a newbie to motos but no newbie to bikes and dirt (I race DH bikes at a high level) or manual trannies.

I'm pretty sure it is still closed. Give the forest service a call to find out. The website is at http://www.fs.fed.us/r5/lospadres/

I wouldn't call that a place to "shred" though. It is just a mellow dirt road. The Divide peak trail is better for that even if it is short. There used to be a little play area a few miles in.

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