KDX / KX pipe question swap?

Looking from pictures mind you, I get the feeling that the KX250 pipe would work with the KDX bike. The dang pipes are way similar. Given the huge variaion in physical appearance between the stock, 2 FMF pipes and the PC pipe, I can not imagine the KX250 pipe would be any better or worse. This is more so in the case of my hybrid where I need add a longer head tube anyhow.

Here is the question, does anybody have a KX250 pipe layinng around for me to test this thoery out with? I may need to fab on it so I would need to keep it.

If you are in a position to help let's try it out!

Maybe you should PM TT member VinillaGorilla, he runs a KX250 pipe on his 200.

He does? Dang OK thanks!

ebeck I have an old 91 KX250 pipe,a PC, that is beat up but may work for you. I have never sent anything before but could try if you want. The pipe looks alot like my 99 pipe with the mounts in a different place. Ed

I just pmed you.


I wonder how a KX250 pipe on a KDX compares to a KDX pipe on a KDX?

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