What to clean the air filter with?

What are you guys using for cleaning your air filters. Did anyone hear of using paint thinner? And will using paint thinner cause immediate damage to the filter? Thanks.


yes, I have heard of using paint thinner or kerosene. We use Gas when using conventional air filter oil. But usually it's no toil/ oxy clean, It is easy and you can skip a step compared to using gas. It doesn't burn my hands either.

i have the NO Toil stuff and it works amazingly. i try to stay away from gasoline but kerosene works the best for petroleum oils.

I don't know about paint thinner it seems like it would be very harsh on the filter..

Kerosene isn't too hard on the filter.

I use gasoline and then wash the filter off in either just watter or preferably soapy water (never clean a filter in gas and not rinse it out good.. gas eats the foam and glue... but i wash mining after using gas with no problems)

I found that the solvents ate the foam and disolved the glue in the filters so now I'm hooked on no-toil. They even make a decent air filter.

Kerosene is fine. I use the UNI filter cleaning stuff so I can wash it out with water and not leave any solvent residue.

You can use WD-40 as long as you clean it with soap and water afterwards.

i use the k&n filter care kit.

I just use white spirits / kero / petrol.

Filters seem to last all right.


Paint thinner or mineral spirits will work fine, provided you don't soak it for extended periods of time. I usually soak mine for about 5 minutes in mineral spirits, rinse, then use Simple Green and soapy water, then thoroughly rinse, then apply your air filter oil or air filter spray.

No-toil! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :busted:

fuel oil

then Jungle jake

PJ1 oil and UNI cleaner.

I use diesel. Then wash with soap abd water. Gasoline is not good for the air filter although i've used it over the years but diesel is a better alternative from what i understand.

no-toil is the winner...buy their filters with a 6 month warranty...what could be better?

i use sprits and soapy water. have been using same air filter for year and a half

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