FMF Fatty on WR125?

Has anyone tried a FMF Fatty on their WR125? My pipe and a stump got really close on the weekend and my pipe is whacked beyond recognition.

I have heard that the Pro-Circuit works the best, but the CDN Dist doesnt have one in stock whereas I can have a Fatty for the weekend.

Any reports on the Fatty?

I have a fatty with a turrbine core 2 spark arester on my sons bike. It works

good for woods, real durable pipe. I had to shim the kick starter out about a

1/16" with a washer because it was touching the pipe. And seal the junction

where the pipe and silencer meet with high temp. silicon otherwise it will

drool on the side of the airbox. Jetting took minimal fiddleing.

I have that pipe as well and like it too. I double everything he said. I am running the shorter FMF silencer without the SA and all is good on the pipe/silencer dept.

Trail Rider Mag highly recommended the Fatty Powercore combo over the PC. I'm old school and slow, so I went with the DynoPort pipe for massive low end.


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