Need Help Asap!!!!

alright so last weekend i was at a race and went to check my sprocket bolts after practice and everyone was extremely loose, so i tightened them and thought no big deal. the next day i was at an organized practice and after the first practice they were all loose again. they came loose after every time i rode it that day. so after loosing 2 bolts that day i went and asked a buddy of mine for some sprocket bolts so he gave me some and i todl him what happened, he said that my hub is junk and that i need a new one because the holes ovalized and thats why they keep coming loose. he gave me thread lock to see if they just werent holding good enough. but sure enough i went out today and they were all loose again after 2 laps, and one fell out!!! i let the thread lock sit for well over 24 hours also. so what does everyone think? new hub? i need help fast too because i was hoping to make it to a race this weekend. thanks!

what type of locktite----red blue???

Is your chain too tight? If so, you're lucky only the hub is damaged. If the sprocket holes are ovaled, replace the hub.

I think your buddy is right. Same thing happened to me. Once the holes in the hub become a little elongated, it's junk. I ended up replacing the hub. We race flat track and change gearing alot.

A close visual inspection should tell you if the sprocket and hub are thrashed. If there's any doubt, replace them - pain in the wallet is not as bad as the pain that comes from having the back end of the bike explode on the track.

If the bolts and everything are good, blue loctite is all you need, and it sets up in a few hours.

Can I have some gas now?

Definately a new hub 1st. I also recommend red loctite, "especially" under the head of the bolt where it contacts the sprocket. Check tightness before every ride!!

Maybe I'm doing something weird, but I have never had a sprocket bolt come loose on my crf, no loctite BTW. I just snug them up, then stand the wheel up and tighten the crap out of them with a box-end wrench. I know this isnt what the book calls for, and the puriests wont agree, but they havent ever come loose.

Its never happened t me either, but when I change a sprocket, I always put blue loctite on the bolts - cheap insurance. Early Yamaha 400/426s were bad for this problem.

I never use loctite or anything and hasn't happened to me :thumbsup:

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