Pendleton area riders

I'm looking at moving to the Pendleton area in the near future. Are there many areas to ride and people to ride with?


There are a few trails over by Milton Freewater in the Blue Mountains and even more near Ukia Oregon. There is a club in Pendleton too, Northwest Trail Riders I think they call themselves.


I live in Pendleton and we (my wife and I) go riding at least couple of times a month.

Thanks for the info.

We won't be moving for a few months. First we need a place to move to.


Seriously? Moving to Pendleton? I haven't heard someone say that in years!

Welcome! we can use some new blood around here...

What kind of riding are you looking for? MX or offroad?

Well, I'm old (58) and my bike's old (1972) so off-road is the stuff for me. I prefer single-track tight and twisty. The challenge is the terrain not beating my friends to the trophy-girl at the end. Oh, wait, there is no trophy-girl at the end of the ride

I take it from your response that not many people have moved to Pendleton lately. Any idea why that is?

We have a friend who lives there and raves about the place.


I have heard the North West Trail Riders are a good club.

You will find good riding in the Blue mountains, about an hour away.

Pendleton is a good place to raise kids or retire. We live here to raise our kids, we travel to work and we travel most every weekend to ride/race or find some kind of entertainment (not a lot to do in Pendleton).

I am not trying to be a downer, I hope you give it a try and love it.


What king of riding do you do and what do you ride? Where do you ride?

My wife and I are into off road/trail riding. I ride a KTM 525 EXC and my wife rides a 450 EXC. We don't ride Winom/frazier much in the summer due to the dust and quads. We ride there in the spring and fall. In the summer, we ride either Taneum or Gifford Pinchott in WA or various places in Idaho. In the winter we like Saddle Mt (Mattawa WA) for day trips and take a trip or two to Moab UT. A good place close to home is the Walla Walla river out of Harris park.

Something new to us this year is dual sporting. I bought a BMW 650 X and my wife got a KTM 640 LC4. We are having a lot of fun with those bikes. A report from one of our trips was posted here a few weeks ago at:

My wife did a little racing, but has cut way back on it lately. She may still do the 24 hour race at the "Ridge" in October.

We found Pendleton to be an okay place to raise our children also, but agree there is not much going on here. We will stay a few more years until I can retire and then we are out of here. :thumbsup:

i live in pendleton. im going to Frazier this weekend. good times hopefully find some morels.

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