mitch from oz

Hey Mitch, where do you live? I live in Brunswick. Where do you ride? I have a WR99.

Hey there Watto.

I live in Newport/Williamstown! :) Listen, interested in getting together next weekend? My wife will be away for the weekend.

Send me your details to: and I will give you a call.



What kind of work do you do? just wondering as you seem to be travelling quite a bit. It sounds like you need to buy a bike and keep it here in the states and do some riding.

As you see, I have nothing better to do than sit in my hotel room in San Francisco and check the posts on TT and think about how to make my bike faster and better at midnight.

Mitch I am off this weekend but i'm not sure about next weekend. I go riding with a few guys from around here at places like Gembrook,Tallarook and Wesburn. I've heard a lot about Anglesea? I haven't got a ute at the moment so i have to rely on my mates. I might see you around. I work on St Kilda Road, Where do you work? I lived in Williamstown when I travelled around Australia!

Watto - I work on StKilda Rd Also!!!! 380 StKilda Rd, the Royal Domain Centre where all the trams hang-out...... With reference to next weekend, lets arrange to go for a ride. Splint and I are good mates, as well as his brother and a few of his friends. We could all get together that weekend for a big ride....

Team Otameal - You breakfast cereal you.. :) What are you doing in San Fran???? In any case, I am in the Telecommunications business with a company called InterWAVE in Menlo Park... I am the sole rep in Australia performing Sales, Marketing, Development, Tech Support, etc for the many customers we have... AS far as having a bike in San Fran, I have one thing better. I really good mate, Eli, who is a great friend of mine who I really miss dearly who lives in San Jose and lets me ride his bikes when ever I am there. I truly am a lucky guy.

I wwill be back VERY soon, hopefully within 2 weeks. So, we will need to get together with EVEERYBODY in the area for a drinking session one Saturday night... Actually, I should be back for Thankls Giving weekend....


Team oat meal you in S,F. 10-25-00 this monty i'am just across the bay[ vacaville] we puting a ride on for this weekend 10-29-00 stonyford call me. work no#707-446=4066


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