CRF100R for 10 yr old

mi little brother is turning 10 n wants to know if he is big enough for the

crf100r. im pretty sure he can handle it, but its really about his size. hes about 4'8''. wut do yall think??


There is no CRF100R. CRF150R (& expert) and CRF100F.

sorry, mixed em up, crf150r

He should be able to ride it, My brother rode my yz250f when he was 10 (he's now 11) he didnt do anything crazy just took it and rode at a easy pace. I say if he has riding experience and is able to touch the ground good then he should have no problem if he takes it easy at first.

nothing wrong with having a big bike :thumbsup:

yea because then when he gets more confident he wont be on a bike to small. he will grow into.

iight thnx yall

He should be fine on it, Just tell him not to rush It and just get used to the bike

my boys 11 and looks to me like he will outgrow the 100 by next summer.He just got it easter this year (07).I would guess he getting close to 5'.I tried talking him and his mom into a 125 yam /kaw/suz but they were both scared at the time.Next year I bet he wishes he had the one-two-five thumper.

yea he will be fine im 15 and i ride a 05 crf100 =) getting drz400 soon though

Thye grow both physically and skill wise fast. A bike slightly big for him is fine. It comes down to whether he can ride it safely.

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