HELP! MY WR Dies like it runs out of gas and I am out of ideas!

My stinking bike has been having issues since Moab. It is a 2000 WR 400F. When I run on the top for an extended amount of time (like on the highway or screeming accross the desert) the stupid thing dies like it is out of gas. I try to coast start it, and it doesnt work. Just acts like it is out of gas. So I kick it, sometimes it starts with in 3 kicks, other times it takes 30 minutes. I took the carb off and cleaned it as best I could and no go. My brothers 2002 DRZ400 has been doing the same thing since Moab. He tried cleaning the carb really thoroughly too, and no avail. Any ideas? I cleaned the air filter of course. Is there something in the carb I should look at specifically?

Thanks for all the help!

When it does this, open the float bowl drain screw and see if gas pours out. The carb may actually be running out of gas.

You can also clean and inspect the float height, float needle and seat, and inlet filter (inside the carb). If anything is clogged or worn, clean or replace it. Adjust the float height as necessary using the manual. There are threads that cover that too if you search for them.

Remove the fuel line from the carb and see if the fuel flows freely.

Check the vent hose on the tank.

Ride on


Like Brewster said, make sure the tank cap is venting. Also check the carb vent lines for kinks, clogs or other damage that might have them closed off.

Ahh! Thanks guys! The gas tank wasn't venting. The check valve on there was upside down. No wonder it only does it on the road- not enough bumps to keep the check valve vented!

Thanks for all the help!


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