Which Bars do I need?

Been riding my SM off road most of the time, but I feel like I am standing over the gas tank when riding. Will getting different handlebars help?

I am 6'1" tall, so does anyone have any suggestions for some handlebars that will make me more comfortable running off-road?

From what i can remember, i think a few off-road members run CR-High bends with bar risers as well!!

As your a tall guy, i'd probably say that its a viable option! :thumbsup:

yes , go for the cr high , bar risers , and sdg tall seat .

big improvement .

I am about your height and have enjoyed using Pro Taper ATV High's on two bikes now.

They are higher and have more back sweep than many bars.

I'm 6'2" I love cr high's with 1 1/4" risers. It makes it so all your weight is not so far forward. It gave me much more control when standing.

6' here and I use the Henry/Reed bend on Yoshimura upper triple. Made a hugh difference.

I use 1" spacers with the stock bars. Much better but I still need a little more height.

yeah, I feel like I am not totally in control when the speeds start getting higher...I feel like I am standing over the stock bars. I'm thinking that the taller bars would help a lot.

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