James Dean

You mentioned on your post that you where riding in the Naches Basin Area in Washington. I ran into the NMA site that details riding places in Washington and saw some awesome pictures of the areas around Lake Chelan, in particular some high alpine riding around Horse Thief Basin. Have you ridden here? If so can I get some details, is it too late in the season to ride here. Also can you give some recomendations on other places to ride in Wash.

I live outside Portland and am looking to find out more about Washington ridding areas.

Thanks in advance.

T O P,

It has been a few years since I have ridden near Lake Chelan. It is a further drive than some of the other areas.

The NMA web site is a good source of information. The areas up high are getting snow now and will be difficult to get into until next spring. There are some very nice high altitude trails near you at Mt Adams and Blue Lake Ridge. This is in the triangle between Mt Ranier, Adams, and St Helens (now a crater).

Look for links off the NMA site and you will find many designated areas. In summer we usually frequent Taneum and Naches areas. Also Devils Gulch near Wenatchee and then Mt Adams.

During winter look for organized events in western Washington for some smaller areas that are still open.


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