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Bikes - From Beginner to Now

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I just thought of a fun idea that i don't think i have ever seen on here. it is possible that it has been thought up, but either way it should be pretty cool.

Post your bikes, from the first bike you have ever had to the bike (or bikes) that you currently own. you might even post a little bit about each bike (example: why you got it, how you got it, how did you like it, ect.) Have fun with it and we'll see where it goes

Not all of these are pictures of my bikes, but you can get the idea... i'll probably upload the real things later on.

First Bike Ever: 1971 Honda CT 70

I was 9 years old when my dad went out and decided that my brother and i should get into dirtbike riding... what an awesome idea. even thought this bike was almost twice my age it was amazing to me.


^thanks google for the image

Next: 1977 Honda MR 175

I was moving up in the world, this was my first bike with a clutch and boy was it powerful!!! at least compared to that 70 that i had been riding. not only did it have power, it was actually comfortable to ride because it didn't have handlebars that were made to be able to fold down.


^on the far left

Next: 1971 Suzuki TC 90

This was a much taller bike, i have no clue why my dad bought this for me. it was a really good deal i think and he must have wanted to torture his kids. :thumbsup: man it smoked worse than those mosquito trucks, but another fun little bike for me. i never knew much better until my friend got an XR 200...


^i think it was just sitting in this ladys garage collecting dust.

I can't believe I forgot this one: 1980s something Yamaha IT 175

This bike was another fun old junky bike, I couldn't wait to finally get a more up to date dirtbike, but it was a real fun bike


^looked a bit like this one, not quite as nice though

Which brings me to my next bike: 1998 Honda XR 200

"Finally, a real dirtbike" I thought. bought it "lightly used" up at a local motorcycle shop (Donnells). It was one of the best used bikes i have ever seen. come to think of it, every single bike that my dad had bought was in extremely great shape. this was a bulletproof bike, what a step up in technology!


^looked exactly like that!

Next: 1998 Kawasaki KDX 200

Another great bike, you can't go wrong with a KDX for all around fun with little expenses.

(can't find any pictures that look similar)

Next: 2000 Kawasaki KDX 220

Just a slight step up from the last bike but only because something happened to the 200 right before a trip to Colorado. Bought it and sold the 200 on another great deal.


^Number 494

Next: 2004 Husqvarna TC 250

My brother had bought this bike brand new and let me ride it. wow, it was simply amazing compared to my KDX. I loved the smooth power and plush suspension. not to mention the electric start. Once he sold it to buy another bike i was quick to grab it from him at a fair faimly price.



Current: 2005 Honda CRF 250

I ended up having some bad luck on the valves on my husky, we replaced the top end (piston, rings, valves, springs) which was EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!! then i had to buy another set of valves not 2 months after that overhaul. We still have the husky (dad rides it every now and then) but I ended up getting a killer deal on a this bike (3,600 w/less than 10 hours on it) at the beginning of last year.


Thanks for checking it out, and be sure to post your own bike timeline. It is really fun looking back and seeing where you came from.

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First bike 2003 xr50: Got it when i was 14. My parents would never let me get a dirt bike and after like 10 years of begging they let me get a 50 if i paid for it and never to ask for anything bigger.

Current bike 2002 cr125: When i turned 15 i started to get restless. I loved the 50 but i really wanted a fast bike. I begged for like 6 months and my parents concented to let me get an 85. As i was looking for an 85, a good friend of my mom talked to her and told her that i was way to big for an 85 (140 lbs.) and that i would be safer on a 125. She let me get the 125 as long as i paid for it and didn't ask for a bigger bike again. She freaked out when i brought it home though cause she had seen my neighbors 250 befor and she thought a 125 was smaller than that and a little bigger than an 85. Now she doesn't care and is letting me get a yz425 soon.


Used to have this kdx200. I got it from my uncle after i had my cr and now my friend wants to start riding dirt bikes so i sold it to him chead cause its a pos. Very fun bike though


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i dont have pics, i'll post more up tomorrow. just gonna get through quickly since i have to go to work tomorrow.:thumbsup:

first off- (unknown year) honda trail 50.

i got it on june 8th, 1991, my 6th birthday. best day of my life. after 6 months my dad and i took out the engine and put in a trail 70 engine (just like yours).

2nd bike- '99 honda xr 80

got it for christmas in '99, wraped up under the tree with my brothers xr 70. i was 8.

3rd- '02 yamaha ttr 125L

got this one brand new also. n/m about this one. had it for 2 yrs.

4th- '04 honda crf 150

loved this bike, got it brand new and had it for two years also. took it a while to get tuned in, but once it was there was a hands-down difference between it and the 125.

5th and last (so far)- '00 kawasaki kdx 200

this bike is awesome and i plan on keeping it for a while. got it from my dad's friend and love it.

well, thats them. i reccomend all these bikes for anyone who considdered one, except the 125 which i think you would be better off getting a honda 150.:thumbsup:

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2001 Yamaha TTR90

first bike i ever got, dad brought brand new, i was so excited about it.

still have it.




I think you can figure out which one it is, lol

next up, my namesake

2005 Yamaha ttr125l

Got this one brand new too, worked my summer for it. I enjoyed it for a while, still got it too.


1996 Honda XR250R

a child molester is cornered at the Arizona port, rather than face the authorities (coward) he decides to take a shot gun to his mouth. well at about 11 am we get called out there. my dads friend had to take the drive line of the toy hauler motor home out, while he was under there the guys blood was dripping down. 2 days later we discovered the guy had a cat. guess who went in after it? me. It was disgusting everything behind where he had been sitting had been completely wiped out, plus parts of his brain were all over the place, by the pedals was a huge chunk of his brain.

Anyway the family donated his banshee and xr to the sheriff, he decided to trade them to us for the storage we were gona charge on the bikes. thats how i got a xr and a banshee. I know freaky




lets just say its the last honda ill ever own

2001 Yamaha WR250F

by far my favorite bike, ultra clean for its year, love its power.





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when i was 7 i got this for my first bike:ride: it looked like that but white


Then i sold that to my buddie, and got one of these bad boys, First clutch bike 89 kx 80


Then i was getting into riding tracks, and that just wasnt doing the trick, so i gotta little bigger, alittle more power, and alot better looking 03 kx 100


then i was too big for that and got this bad boy, blew up like 3 times that season, and had about 2 grand in motor work done to it, i was kinda sad to let it go, but 4 strokes were taking over 01 cr 125


and now i got my thumper 06 kx250f


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Alright here goes......

At age 13, in the summer between 7th and 8th grade, I decided I wanted a dirtbike. My parents agreed and I started saving. Saved all summer long, and the first 2 weeks of my 8th grade year. Saved nearly $900. Went to my brothers g/f's lakehouse and rode their old yamaha tw200. LOVED IT. First time ever on a dirtbike. Bought that tw200 as a started bike for $200. It was a great bike. I never changed the oil or cleaned the Air filter. Was to stupid to know to do it. Here's the bike...(PS- Shortly after I sold the bike I found TT and PT and learned about the importance of maintence and how to...Dont flame me...)


Next/Current bike-1997 CR125. I knew I wanted a two stroke after riding my friends kx85. I fell in love. I had about $1000-1300 dollars at the time. I did some research and found some of the better years/models that I could afford. I was looking for a YZ125 96 and newer or a 95-97 CR125(heard the motors were just amazing). I hate Kawi's and the RM125 from that era didn't seem like a good choice(conventional forks, ugly shrounds, etc). I put up an ad on Craigslist for a wanted 125cc two stroke dirtbike. I got a reply from a man about 1hr 45min away. We spoke for a good while and I gathered as much info on the bike as I could. We decided to meet about 45 min from my house!! I was stoked. Bought the bike for $930. It looked like this.....


About $300 dollars later I am at this....



Yes I know, the chain is loose......

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I started riding about 4 years ago.

I had a Honda CRF 230. (No Picture)

Now, i just got this about 2 years ago, and love it man!!!!!!


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1st bike. 1985 KDX80

2nd bike 2003 RM85

3rd bike 2003 YZ125- later we bored it to a 144

current and 4th bike 2005 CRF250R

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1st bike - YZ 85 with a bore to 105

2nd bike- YZ 125

3rd bike- CR250R

4th and current bike- 2006 YZ250F with a bore to 262

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Ever since i was little i always wanted a dirt bike, i begged and begged my dad to get me one and after years of looking i got my first bike when i was 13 it was a 2005 DRZ 125L, rode that for 2 years but i soon outgrew it and needed more.


So i begged and begged and after looking for new bikes finnaly in January 2007 i got my 2004 YZ 125 New for a really good deal because it was a left over!!:thumbsup:


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1st- 03 xr100 got it from a kid about 5 mins. down the road. needed more power and suspension so upgraded to my 2nd bike. was a great bike


2nd/current- 03 yz250f bought it off ebay and my dad had to travel to CT. is a great bike


3rd/current- 04 crf50 traded my xr100 for because i wanted a pitbike. this is a great bike to.

(first day i got it)




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I started on street bikes, then added a few enduros then finally a MX bike, so here is my list.

Yamaha Maxim 400

Yamaha Maxim 550

1981 Honda XL250S (first taste of trail riding)

1986 Ninja 900 (decided not really what I was wanting)

1986 Yamaha XT350 (This one will prolly stay here for a long time)P1000623.jpg

2003 YZ450F (Man what an eye opener)P1000678.jpg

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1st bike - 1982 Suzuki DS80, here's a pic I found on Google.


2nd bike - 1984 Honda CR125, not mine but here's a pic


3rd bike - 2002 Honda CR250, this was my bike, bought in 03 after 10 years off of a bike.


4th and current bike, 2006 Honda CRF450R


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2000 Pw 80 got it new from my parents when i was 7


2003 ttr 125 also got it from my parents, i was 10


2005 yz 125 i bought for myself for my 14 birthday. some guy rode it twice


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since i was about 4, i constantly begged my parents for a bike and my dad promised me one but never came through until i was 8 when he got me a used pw80. it wasn't the bike i wanted, i wanted an mx bike (kx65 actually). after about a year he decided to sell that bike and never bought me another one.

it wasn't until i was 16 that i could afford to buy my own bike which was a 2000 ttr125L


about a year later, in 2006, i drove 3.5 hrs to buy my current bike. a 2003 yz125. it had very low hours and was in great shape! i love this bike although im hoping soon i can save up enough to buy a brand new kx250f but with college next year, i dont think that will be happening.


(this is after new graphics)

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I went through several motor powered machines. (3 wheelers, go carts, 4 wheelers, motor scooters, etc.) I didn't get my first dirt bike till I was 12. My grandpa got tired of buying 3 wheelers and 4wheelers and then they would just break down. So he said " I'm tired of buying peoples shit " those are his exact words. He said "we are going out and getting a new one" So my first bike was a 2003 XR70R when I was 12.

This is what it looks like. (I still have it but I don't have any pics. It's on its way to being a full pitbike.)


After riding the 03 XR70 for a year my grand parents saw that I had quickly out grew it and decided to get me another one. My 2nd bike is 2004 CRF100F. (Which we just traded to a guy 2 weeks ago for a 2004 YZ85 for my bro.)

I rode this thing for awhile and got bored with it.

This is exactly what it looked like cause it stayed stock


Then I rode it for a year and I wanted more.

My dad found a 2005 TT-R125LE that a guy bought for his kid and the kid rode it twice and layed it over and became scared of it and wouldn't ride it. The guy even bought a FMF powercore4 pipe, aftermarket suspension, tag bars with triple clamps, etc. He bought it for $2000. We still have it too. I don't have pic but it looked like this. (Minus the fender reflectors and add all the parts I stated above and it's identical)


After riding the TTR I quickly got bored with it then me and my dad ventured back to the dealership. We looked at the 2005 CRF250R and we tried to finance but they wanted $750 down. Due to some credit problems. Then we financed a 2005 CRF230F. We didn't have to pay any money down on the 230F. My dad said I could put the money down on the CRF250R or I can get the 230F. So I went with the 230F. I rode it for a couple months then begged my parents for a new bigger bike.


This is what it exactly looked like cause it stayed stock. Other than the BBR fork springs I put in it in an effort to make it more MX like. I even competed in my first race on this bike. I raced "Begginer". I raced a ton of 85's and 125's. It had poured the rain the night before. I went to the track and got 2nd place in Begginer. Where it was so muddy I had an advantage over everyone. I had rode trails for several years and I knew how to take mud.

Then I got more serious about MX after that race, so me and my dad went around looking for a used 125 2smoke for me to get started out on we found a 1999 Honda CR125 (My 4th bike). We bought it for $1500 and we still have it. I raced several races in begginer and got better and better. My dad recognized that I might actually have a nitch for the sport and decided to support me more in MX. After I got better. It was time I got a newer bike a 250F.

The 99 CR125 we have looks identical to this.

(Only we have black plastic)


My dad said I could get a 250F he just didn't specify when. He wanted me to ride the Cr125 more so I did. Along with a lot begging in the mean time. After maybe 3 months of bugging my parents and riding my CR125 we went out on another search. We went back to our regular dealer. We finanaced another 2005 CRF250R. Now they wanted $1000 down :thumbsup: :thumbsup: So my dad and grandpa were like something isn't right. We had bought all our bikes brand new except the TTR from these people. Apparently the dealership cheated us on every bike we bought off them. My dad said what they did but I forgot. But they messed with the financing and had taken a lot of money from us. So we went to a new Honda dealership about 45 minutes from us where we financed one with the new dealership and they wanted $0 down. these people were really friendly and did everything they could to get me the best deal. So I got my 2006 CRF250R and they sold it to me for $5800. We were really pleased and gave them all our business from there. The 2006 CRF250R is the bike I have now.

This is my 5th and current bike. Definitely my favorite and a keeper.

This is my actualy bike not a pic of someone elses.




and here I am in action.



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1972 Honda Trail (CT) 90, first bike I ever rode (age 12). Belonged to Dad, was really fun to rev the motor and stab the shifter and pop a wheelie. Of course, at the time, I did not know how bad this was for it.


1973 Suzuki TS250K, second bike I ever rode (age 14), first bike with a real clutch. Also belonged to Dad. No wheelies on this gutless wonder. It had hardly any power. Maybe it was worn out but it was reliable.


1980 Honda XL500S, first bike I ever owned. I thought I was so cool riding this thing to high school - no license or insurance but at least I wore a helmet. :thumbsup: I only had it 3 months when Dad discovered it under a tarp in the back yard and made me sell it. A really reliable and fun bike.


Now, my current bikes. 1984 Honda XR500R. This pic is the only one that shows my actual bike. Very heavy but very fast and totally bulletproof. Starts on 1st kick almost every time and makes loads of power. I ride it very hard and it's never given me any trouble (always well-maintained). Suspension and seat are soft and spongy, perfect for long rides but no good for jumping. Bought 3 years ago for $2000, was showroom stock and in excellent condition (OK, I paid way over KBB but I had to have it!)


1988 Honda XR250R. Just about the perfect all-around do-anything bike. The 500 will blow its doors off in a drag race and top speed contest, but the 250 is just easier to handle overall. The motor want to rev endlessly. Bought 4 months ago for $1100, it's in good condition with extras.


This next one belongs to my sister but I do all the maintenance and ride it WAY more than she does, so for all intents and purposes it's really mine. 1996 Honda XR250L. Beaten hard before coming into the family but runs great and very reliable. Even though the 88 XR250R (above) has WAY more power than this newer XR-L, this thing is really fun to putt around on and handles wonderfully.


Maybe someday will get a newer bike, like something made within the past 7 years or so, but until then I will enjoy the toughness of the 1980's XR models.

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What a great idea for a thread!

The bike in this pic is not mine but is identical to my first one. My Grandmother bought it for me Brand New when I was 9 in 1972. She also taught me how to drive a car. What a great lady she was.


I have had many rides in between but this is my current one. I have come full circle and got back on a Honda. I have to say it's my favorite one so far after the QA. I am sure my Grandmother is looking down on me smiling everytime I ride it. I know I am always smiling and thinking of her when I am on it for getting me involved in riding.


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my first bike was a 1996 kx 60. this thing was a factory freak. 100's of hours on that bike never a thing had to be fixed on it. i beat the shit out of that bike. Had the bike for 4 years

2nd bike was a 99 yz 80- had this bike for 4 years

3rd and current bike is a 2004 yz 250f

i keep bikes for a long time i wish i got a brand new one every year like some people do

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