Off the bike for 2 months

Im leaving on Saturday for 2 months and my bike isn't invited to come with me. I just have a couple questions. Should i have my brother come out and kick it a couple times every week or so. And how much speed am a gonna loose being off the bike for so long. I don't want to suck even more than i already do.

start it up once a week or so. anymore than that.. u dont relaly have to. 2 hole months? those things u have down pat will become a little shaky. and those things u just barely have will be mostly gone :thumbsup: sorry to hear ur out for so long. keep ur mind on riding and ull be ok haha where ya going for so long?

depends on the bike. if its a little crf-f or something like that i wouldnt worry about it. just put gas stabilizer in it and drain the float. yeah, when you get back on it your going to suck, but youll get used to it again in short time. :thumbsup:. someone may be able to give you more to do on how to preserve it, but thats all ive got :thumbsup:

Im going to washington to visit stay with this girl i know there. The bike is a cr125. Should i throw out the gas that is in the tank and my gas can.

yeah, i would, the gas in a 2stroke goes bad quicker ive heard. dont know for sure though. my bike would cry that i didnt invite her! :thumbsup:

Don't worry about it. How do you think all of us who live in 4 season states handle it? Just use stabilizer, spray some fogging oil in the cylinder if you feel the need.

Top off the tank, drain the fuel bowl and you'll be fine. If you have a battery disconnect it and charge it up. It will hold up for two months just fine.

You'll be fine after one ride. We snowmobile, dirt bike, ATV, and PWC and it's no big deal.

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