how to get the wheel of a crf250r?? 06

i cant seem to find the way to get the blody wheel of the bike... i tried and tried need help now please

like the rim or the tire off the rim?


the back or front?

If your talking about getting the rear tyre off, loosen the chain tensioners so u can push the wheel forward enough to get the chain off, then undo the axel nut about halfway on the thread, get a rubber mallet and hit it and keep undoing the nut a lil bit at a time, then you should be albe to pull the axel out from the other side, support the wheel b4 tho

I assume the front because the rear is pretty easy. The front, you need to loosen the axle nut on the left side. Then loosen the 4 6mm(?) bolts that tighten to the axle. Then push the axle from the left side (it comes out the right side). I usually have to use a rubber mallet and bit screw driver to push it out. Wheel is loose, just roll it forward.

Sounds like your axle is stiff. Try to get something that you can press on the axle with that will fit inside the axle carriers, but won't slip through the axle hole. Once you get about 3 inches out, then you can pull it through, with a little help of lifting the rear wheel up to take off the weight of the wheel.

Once you get the axle out, make sure to grease heavily with waterproof grease so it's easy to take out the next time.

That should cover ya'!

i managed to sieze mine really sucked to get off

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