Aussie Rawhide

Just wondering if anyone down-under has ridden the 'National Trail'(the old stock-route), it starts at Healesville and ends at Cooktown some 5,330 km later, I realise that not all of it is accessable to motor vehicles but there must be a way around that. It's always been a dream of mine to one day ride from Melb to Sydney without touching the tar, is it possible?

Another good ride would be the one around Tasmania, apparently there was a book released that gives the route for motorcycles to do this without riding on the black stuff, does anyone know where to get this from??

Hey Neil,

How was the ride on Sunday?

I cant help with the Melb to Syd ride, but I may be able to help with the Tassie route. I have a friend that races/rides in Tassie regularly.

I will call you in a couple of days. By the way, any plans for next weekend?


G'day Splint,

You should try T.K. at Sidetrack Magazine for more info. He would be able to help you out with your stock route and Tassie questions.

Hey Mitch, didn't end up going last Sunday, can't remember the last week-end I didn't go, so a rest might be in order, getting the D.T.'s though. I need a riding hit! And what makes it worse is no plans this week-end either.

LJN, how do I get in contact with T.K at sidetrack? Do I have to write to the mag or is there another way?

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