77 XT500 decompressor ?

My daily ride is an XT500, 1977 model. Talk about your original Thumper!

Anyway, I have a very loud ticking/tapping sound coming from the head while she's running. It's RPM specific, i.e., when the RPM's increase so does the frequency of the tapping.

I have adjusted the valves, they were fine. What I did determine was that if I pull the de-compressor lever in slightly, the sound goes away. But anymore than a slight pull and the bike immediately loses power and wants to die.

Thoughts and/or suggestions?

We get this resolved and I'll ask about a cold engine miss/hesitation...Thanks!

It's time to take the engine out and remove the camshaft/rocker assembly off the top. You can adjust the valves and still have too much wear on the lifters. Good Luck!

At 14,000 miles? I was hoping for better news!

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