Which New Clutch?

What are we all using when getting new clutch plates?

I know the yamaha OEM ones are great, but I would also like to hear from some people with aftermarket ones.

Anyone using an aftermarket YZ450F clutch kit in their WR? :thumbsup:

Been thinking about using an EBC or Barnett kit.

No one changed clutch?

You really should do your suspension first.

im using moose plates, but only as a replacement for worn stock plates.

if your stock plates arent worn, and you arent having any problems, there are better ways to spend that money.

Replaced the clutch in my '04 with an EBC. Absolutely hated it and will never go aftermarket again. Very inconsistent free play adjustment when heated up. Only rode like two rides with it and yanked it for new oem plates. A world of difference.

Believe it or not, I picked up a tusk clutch set from rockymountain. I figured I would try it and if I did'nt like it I would change it out for a yamaha clutch set. I replaced fibers and plates. I am pretty tough on a clutch, and smoked the original. This Tusk has about 20 hours on it now, and works very well, no grabbiness, or unusual clutch freeplay.

The OEM clutch would squeal when it got hot, the Tusk clutch stays smooth. I have no complaints.Price was right too!!:thumbsup:


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