Has anyone tried Down Hill racing on bicycles

Some of the guys that I ride with are Down Hill racing bicycles now at Gore mtn, Killington and White Face. Any one here try it as a cross training programming? Reading the terrain and balance along with cadio should increase. This thread was meant for the fitness forum and I wrongfully put it in the trial bikes forum - sorry.

I ride DH but don't race and I kind of have it backwards. I ride the dirt and trials bikes to stay tuned for riding my bicycle in the mountains. FL is very flat and momentum is hard to come by pedaling the DH bike.

If don't mind me asking, why do you have a DH bike in Florida? Do you travel alot to ride?

check this dh session

I have rode MTB bike for 18 years and DH race from 1998 to 2002 its good cardio and really teaches you line selection. Start riding curbs and opsticles play the foot down game with your friends on bikes. Pick a boundary say 20'x20' and try to force your budys to put thier foot down or go out of the boundary. These will teach you balance you can use on the trail. 2 years ago I brought a trials motorcycle and have had a blast on it. Its like a DH bike with a motor. I rode a local MTB bike trail that is open to Moto's last Thursday and had a blast flying up the 8.3 mile trail and then back down 2500 elevation gain.

that was an awesome video. I wish we had a place like that in Hawaii.

If don't mind me asking, why do you have a DH bike in Florida? Do you travel alot to ride?

Yes, I travel to DH but have some decent FR stuff around home. Big bikes give me confidence as I am a big person. We are in Snowshoe, WV now and will be heading to Diablo FreeRide Park in Mountain Creek this weekend. It is in Vernon, NJ. I may hit Plattekill in NY and Highland in New Hampsher also. Will be in NY area until July 25 then back here to Snowshoe until Aug. 6. Then to Windrock, TN (near Knoxville) and Snowshoe again in September. Going back to Diablo before the season ends in October.

Now ask me why I have Snowboards!

freeridesouth: hope you don't mind me asking but what do you do for living. And why do you have snowboards and no surfboards? haha.

I'm a garbageman haha!

I started snowboarding 18 years ago and gave up chasing surf.

I do have surfboards, skateboards, wakeboards, road bicycles, MTBs, ............ don't surf these days as I would rather pedal then paddel. We are aranging some watercrafts for tow in surfing. Hopefully with Global Warming we can have a few "Perfect Storms" each year. I am no fan of Global Warming mind you, but I will use it too my advantage as anyone would.

What do you do for a living?

garbage man, cool just envious of the large amount of breaks/vacation you have. myself, I am a mid-level IT manager.

tow-in is nuts and takes a good level of trust.

Freeridesouth, it is great that you engage the opportunity to travel. I for what ever reason take my work much to serious. The dirtbikes have always been a way to take my aggression out from work, but what I am finding out that it is cutting it anymore and that I need to find a different way to deal with it. So I am attempting to take some of that dedication or motivation and insert it into bicycles with my daughter. I have a sister in Daytona and another in Fort Meyers area. Then been down there for over 8 years now and I have only been there once. Time for me to get off my rear and get down there.

So what do you guys ride?? dirtbike / bike

Freeridesouth, it is great that you engage the opportunity to travel. I for what ever reason take my work much to serious.

So what do you guys ride?? dirtbike / bike

I work 7 days a week, New Years, My birthday, your birthday, the day my daughters and son were born, Christmas.......... It is a fair trade for my time off. Also, when something happens at work I go, any time of day/night or day of the week. I own the company I work for and make sacrafices that pay off. Sometimes while on an extended vaca something calls me home, it may happen this week. Seems there is an issue one of my manages is having and may have to go relieve him for a week or two, but that's the way it gos!

I have a WR450, DRZ 400SM with some modest mods, Gas Gas 280 TXT all recent purchases.

Bicycles, Specialized Big Hits, Santa Cruz Bullits, Specialized Allez..........

DH is great and you live near some decent hills. Buy good bikes and gear, it will make it fun instead of frustrating.

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