Dualsport Riders in Wilmington, NC

I just moved back to Wilmington after living in Portland Oregon for the past 4 years. I am looking for a group to do some dualsportign with. I have a 1993 xr650l. Just wondering if anybody in the Wilmington area rides Dualsports.


I see very few dualsports in town unfortunately. The action seems to be at the new MX track in Castle Hayne. Lots of mx folks are showing up there.

I've got an XR250R - not plated. Wish it was plated but I'm not sure it's worth the hassle or even possible a this point.


Live here in Wilmington and do some duelsporting. Hard to find good areas around here. Suggest you check with the guys behind the parts counter at the Honda dealer and Sam and Billy at Watercraft Solutions. My DS riding is about 10/90 and done in the mountains this time of year. Be glad to help you.


Thanks for the replies. I will check with the honda dealer but I never really liked that place.

Where is that MX track in Castle Hayne. There use to be one about 7 years ago off Shaw HWY.

I have also heard people talking about riding at the Rock Quarry in Castle hayne. Where is that?

When I lived in Wilmington 5 years ago I would ride throught Holly Shelter game land and the Green Swamp. Can you still ride there? Just straight dirt roads but it was pretty fun.

Holly Shelter is still ok when the gates are open. MX track: turn right off I40 exit at CastleHayne then go about a mile and entrance is on the right.


just riding around WilmingWood is a Duelsport Adventure!

Stoned ass hippys running you off Market St. and into someones yard.....

A ride down College...... Dodge 'em ......

And then down near CB there is ALOT of sandy trails....

I am glad I moved out towards I-95, 2 hours from Uhwarrie


When I get the DR from Currie I will need to break it in. Uhwarrie Sounds like a good idea. I will give you a PM after I get it. Guess it will have to be stock for now. I wil be having the tires changed before I buy it. The "death"wings have to go. He will exchange a set of K270 Kendas for me when I buy it. Just counting the days.


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