Seized '04 options?

It started out like a really fun day for my son at Log Road MX yesterday. He was chasing Jeff Stanton who was chasing Tommy Hahn (but my son knew he had no chance of hanging with them!). Then is bike seized. Bummer. He said he was riding along and then the bike felt like it had a flat tire, or the brakes were on and dragging. He stopped and checked for a stone in the lever and flats, but there were none. He continued at a slower pace then around a really slow corner it locked up.

About a month ago he sort of cased a small quad and the carb/cyl boot tore and bike sucked just air until it coasted to a stop. I stuffed a rag in the cyl and we replaced the boot. Started right up and ran fine for several tanks of gas and an oil change. This slow seize has me puzzled tho. I am thinking he didn't have enough oil, and he may have put some chainsaw gas in the tank by mistake, but the mixed fuel may have kept the bike running to a gentle rather than sudden seize. Is one better than the other?

Assuming TT parts, what are we looking at for probable cost? Assuming crank bearings, crank with rod assembly, piston and rings . I don't think a valve issue would be the culprit here. I checked the dip stick on the frame--no oil. I looked in the filler cap and couldn't see much oil there either. My son is pretty good on changing oil--but he could have been distracted by a GF TX. I will drain and measure what I get. If it crank and top end, should we spend the money on an Athena kit? Can you still race this bike at C level locally if we were to put on a 290 kit? Or should we just get it running back to stock form, sell it and get an '07 or '08?

What else could make the bike feel like the brakes were being applied? Burn't dragging clutch? I guess we will find out soon enough.

For you guys that have had a shop to a seize rebuild--what did you pay?

all depends on what really happened.

Well Steve--we got it apart and the rod bearing is shot. So we are going to clean it all out, put in a new piston, rings etc and a new crank and main bearing. Cylinder looked OK and so does the head, but still need to clean the head up and check valves, and clean out the cases. Cylinder doesn't have much cross hatch marks left and the piston was worn. Should a take a ball hone lightly to the cylinder to aid the new rings? If the head is in need of work--I'm sending it down to Don--he did good work for me last time--Thanks for giving me his info. He's still doing this sort of work isn't he?

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