How to remove the chain slider

I noticed the upper part of my chain slider broke where it is held down by the bolt on the swingarm - so the area of the slider with the hole.

Anyhow, I want to pull it out and possibly modify/repair it and can't figure out how to pull it out. It is so close to the front sprocket that it will not come out easily.

Any ideas?


I've only replaced a chain slider on my 400 when I had the swingarm off for its annual rear suspension disassembly/service/lubrication. I was able to change the chain slider on my XR650R once without taking the swingarm off. Took the front sprocket and cover off and was able to pull it towards the front of the bike and twist it to get it out.

It's plastic. Just twist it gently after removing the front sprocket like AZMTNTHUMPER said.

I ended up having to remove the front sprocket and guard. Not a big job. It came right out with that removed.


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