New to me xr250l

I just got a 94 xr250l that is in need of a little TLC(OK a LOT of TLC).

I need to replace both sprockets and the chain. Suggestions on what chain and where to order it would be most appreciated.



Dave - Rocky Mountian ATV has complete sproket/chain packages for a very reasonable price. I think it is like $56. If you search the boards here, you'll see people really like the primary drive X link chain. Don't get the cheaper chains, they're not worth the risk, hassle.


Thanks for the info. Rocky shows combo kits for xr250r, I assume that my L is the same?



Rocky shows combo kits for xr250r, I assume that my L is the same?
Rear sprockets for the L are not the same as the R; the L has a cush hub.

Check it out:

XR250L Project :thumbsup:

BTW, in the fork oil thread, only one comment recommended ATF; stick with fork oil.


In that case I'll go with fork oil.



The L rear sprocket has a relief milled into it to allow for the cush hub. If you get a R Sprocket you can have the relief milled into it. I haven't checked for awhile who carried aftermarket sprockets for the L. I got my 44t from Gnarley parts but it'd made by "Sprocket Specialists".

Stock is 40 tooth.

I haven't checked for awhile who carried aftermarket sprockets for the L.
You could try Sprocket Specialists web site and order sprockets from them directly. Use the 'Catalog Search' to find the part numbers. They even have an 800 number if you wanna talk to their order sweeties :thumbsup:

Sprocket Specialists :thumbsup:

Be sure to check the site to check for the front/rear sprocket combinations that will (or will not) work on the L model. The 250R rear size (I think 48) will definitely NOT work on the L even if you have the mill work done. It will hit the chain guide.

Just a couple of points - for the chain, I'd stay away from the Primary Drive chain. I tried their 520 O-ring chain and it was pure crap - extremely tight links and incredibly fast wear, almost as though it was built without any lubrication. For a few dollars more than the Primary Drive X-ring chain, you can get the RK 520 X-ring - a good quality name-brand chain that will last you a long time.

I've found the Primary Drive front sprockets to be a good value though. In the front position, the R and L use the same sprocket.

As stated by others, Sprocket Specialists will have whatever you need for the rear sprocket, but may need some lead time on anything other than a stock steel replacement. Ramz's site will give you all the info you'll ever need on what will and won't work as far as different ratios.


Thanks for the info! Off to order a chain and sprockets.


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